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Arbitration, mediation, and other dispute resolution proceedings.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Arbitration & Mediation

For a growing business, nothing is more stressful - or downright frightening - than the possibility of litigation. Contract disputes, disagreements, and misunderstandings can lead to years of litigation and costly legal fees. In turn, the business suffers and growth is stifled.

Is your business facing legal action? At Framework Legal, we help our clients stay out of court by pursuing alternative forms of dispute resolution, such as arbitration and mediation. Together, we can explore all of the options available to you to save time and money and protect your business.

The Benefits Of Resolving Disputes Out Of Court

Resolving disputes out of court is almost always the best option when a contract dispute or other issue arises.

How It Works

Understanding Dispute Resolution

If your business is under legal attack, it may be difficult to know where to turn. Do you need a heavy hitting litigation attorney? Or should you work with an attorney that understands your business and can craft a solution to overcome legal challenges to help you achieve your goals?

At Framework Legal, we understand that any legal action taken against your business - no matter how big or small - can negatively impact the value of your business and stand in the way of growth. We are not here to pick a fight or take a case to trial if it can be avoided. Rather, we search for amicable resolutions to business disputes so that your business interests are not only protected, but advanced through the process.

How can we accomplish this? Framework Legal assists clients in both arbitration and mediation, forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), which are a wide variety of processes used to resolve any kind of dispute, claim, or conflict out of court.

Arbitration is sort of like a “mini trial,” where the arbitrator acts as a judge and makes a determination based on the facts and evidence of the case. There are two basic types of arbitration. In binding arbitration, the outcome of the case is final and both parties must agree to it no matter what. Whereas, non-binding arbitration allows the cause to be brought to trial if the outcome is unsatisfactory. 

Mediation is similar, but distinct. In mediation, attorneys from our firm help to guide negotiations between both parties to reach a settlement or decide to take the matter to court. Our goal is always to seek an equitable, reasonable solution to business disputes and other issues that both protect and advance our clients’ business interests.

Is ADR right for your business? Contact Framework Legal today to discuss the facts of your particular case.

Practical Advice. Pragmatic Solutions.

Experienced ADR Attorneys

Litigation should always be a last resort, especially for growing businesses. At Framework Legal, our mission is to provide solutions that scale. That holds true for dispute resolution as well. We offer practical advice and pragmatic solutions - even in the face of difficult legal challenges.

Together, we can develop a plan of action that keeps your business out of court so you can focus on your goals for growth. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business navigate the dispute resolution process.

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"I am the owner of a small business that operates in the Phoenix area. We ran into an issue with a bad player who was attempting to use their deep pockets to squeeze us in an unethical way. We did not have the money or the expertise to fight them in court. We hired Framework Legal to give us the assistance we needed. Juliet and her team did a masterful job of using their knowledge to protect our interests. I heartily recommend Framework Legal!"
Former Client



"Juliet was such an asset during the process of selling my two franchises. She helped me along the way and wrapped everything up in a timely manner. She was always available and even contacted the franchisor when they tried to strong arm me and resolved the situation. Highly recommend."Sandy
Former Client

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