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When buying or selling a business, you need a strategic partner that knows how to get the deal done. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can be complicated and knowing where to turn for help may not seem obvious. At Framework Legal, we work shoulder to shoulder with clients to plan exit strategies, conduct due diligence, and navigate the complexities of buying and selling businesses.

Getting The Deal Done

At Framework Legal, we work with skilled professionals across multiple disciplines to ensure that even the most complex mergers, acquisitions, and sales are successful. Here is a look at how we can help your business:

What’s Involved?

Meeting All Your M&A Needs

Buying or selling a business is never a simple matter, but that doesn’t mean the process needs to be stressful for you. When you work with Framework Legal, you benefit from the experience and skills of a multidisciplinary team that develops M&A solutions tailored to meet your goals.

At Framework Legal, we have a deep bench of M&A partners that we collaborate with to assist clients throughout the process of buying or selling a business. We offer straightforward and predictable pricing, practical advice, and pragmatic solutions. Moreover, we bring years of business experience across multiple industries to the negotiation table.

However, we also recognize that there is an emotional element to every business transaction. Yes, we're lawyers, but we’re also human beings.

We understand how important it is to listen to what our clients want to achieve before advising them on a course of conduct. Our team provides quick communication and keeps clients informed throughout the M&A process, answering any questions that they may have.

When you are looking for someone that you can rely on to get a deal done and do it right, look no further.

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From initial discussions to developing letters of intent, drafting confidentiality agreements, finalizing purchase contracts, and conducting all necessary due diligence, we work hand-in-glove with our clients to ensure their success.

Our services are designed to scale with your growing business as every stage of the business life cycle. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in the M&A process.

Your questions answered

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about buying or selling a business, then you are in the right place. Below are answers to commonly asked questions about the M&A process.

How do I prepare my business to be sold?

We always tell our clients that you should begin preparing your business for exit from day one. To maximize the value of your business, you need the right people, the right processes, and the right systems in place prior to sale. In addition, you should have clean books, a detailed profit and loss statement, and organized banking statements. At Framework Legal, we work with clients to identify weak points in their businesses and help them find solutions to get their business on track for a successful purchase.

When is the most appropriate time to sell/buy a business?

Timing is critical when it comes to selling or buying a business. However, your objectives and personal circumstances can also affect your decision. Regardless of when you choose to buy or sell, the most important thing is that you are prepared to do so. At Framework Legal, we help business owners identify opportunities for successful exits, assist them in preparing their business for a sale, and guide them through the process so that they can achieve a successful transaction - regardless of the actual date of the deal.

What are the benefits of buying a business?

There are many benefits to buying an existing business rather than starting your own. Existing businesses have a track record of demonstrated success. They may have already invested in technology, people, processes, and systems that take years to build. Additionally, financial records can help buyers determine when they can expect a return on their initial investment. Lastly, business owners may agree to stay on board for a year or more to teach new buyers the ins and outs of the business to ensure a smooth transition in ownership.

How much can I buy or sell a business for?

Many factors can dictate a business's value, including cash flow, historical financial performance, business age, current market trends, existing contracts, market competition, and how fast the buyer can expect a return on investment. At Framework Legal, we can assess the strengths and weaknesses of a business and help you determine the true value of the business prior to purchase or sale.

How long does it take to buy/sell a business?

Buying or selling a business is no small feat. Some deals can take up to a year or longer depending on the size of the acquisition and the complexity of the transaction. While we recognize that you may be eager to conclude a transaction, our primary focus is making sure that your interests are protected and that your goals are achieved.

Do I need to hire an attorney?

Yes and choosing the right attorney for you is equally as important. We take a holistic approach to business representation and will guide you through the entire transaction process. Framework Legal is here to help you determine what steps are necessary to maximize the potential value of your purchase or sale.

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All-In-One Concierge

Delta Deal Team

Selling your business can be daunting. We know it and we want to make it better. Framework Legal has partnered with two other independent professional teams to provide a one-stop shop service for selling your business. The Delta Deal Team combines brokerage services with tax and financial strategy and legal services. Together, we can simplify the process of buying, selling, and merging businesses.

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"I am the owner of a small business that operates in the Phoenix area. We ran into an issue with a bad player who was attempting to use their deep pockets to squeeze us in an unethical way. We did not have the money or the expertise to fight them in court. We hired Framework Legal to give us the assistance we needed. Juliet and her team did a masterful job of using their knowledge to protect our interests. I heartily recommend Framework Legal!"
Former Client



"Working with Juliet over the past few years has taught me that as you become more successful and your business becomes more complex, all you really have to do is think things through, do what’s right and it will all work out. Juliet’s knowledge of small business law is incomparable. She has helped us with several very different matters and guided us with intelligence, tenacity and compassion. I cannot overstate the value of connectedness, and Juliet’s network of sources and experts (“oh, we should talk to so-and-so”) delivers benefits far beyond the words written in a contract and hours devoted to a resolution."Richard S.
ARQ Wealth Advisors, LLC



"Selling a business doesn’t happen overnight. It took us four years, starting with our commitment to, in Juliet’s words, get our “house in order.” Juliet was a true advocate, previewing, listening, and counseling us through the journey week by week. She is steady, thorough and no-nonsense direct, which relates directly to her stewardship of your money. At one point when a counter offer didn’t take, we were so done, more than ready to accept a less than stellar offer. She talked us down and assured us that we could do better. And we did, just xxx later. She was clearly working in our best interest. Juliet is the rare attorney who has no ego. At one point, we brought in a friend who works in real estate law to provide additional expertise. Anyone else in Juliet’s position would have taken offense, and would have been territorial. But Juliet clearly enjoyed the collaborative process and the opportunity to exchange knowledge. Just as important as her legal process and approach, is the passion and joy – and humor -- she brings to her work."Lynn B.
Seller of high-end storage and delivery service business



"My experience with Framework surpasses that of the big corporate firms I’ve worked with during my 35 years as a business owner. It’s not just Juliet’s expert counsel that sets her apart. It’s also the fact that I can call her any time of the day and she either answers the phone herself or calls me back ASAP. That’s really terrific. She knows my anxiety level is likely through the roof and the value and comfort her immediate attention provides. She has taught me to pick my battles in situations that are adversarial and to step back to allow her to guide me through all the if/then scenarios. Knowing that she has a network of legal resources close at hand is a tremendous asset. If I had to pick one word to describe how I feel working with Juliet, it would be “safe”… there’s no question my issues are going to be resolved expediently after all avenues have been thoroughly explored. I trust her. You couldn’t ask for a better advocate."Susan B.
Business Solutions for Women Business Owners



"Framework Legal has been fantastically flexible in supporting us as we've grown. As a small company, Juliet and her team were able to scale up and down the time they devoted to our work as we had sudden needs for work. They've also considered from day one what the long term impacts of new projects or documents would be on the company - something that I have rarely seen."Turner B.
Current Client



"I had the pleasure of working with Juliet pre and post final sale of my business. Upon our first initial conversation we did a much deeper dive into due diligence and transaction details that I had experienced with other firms I had interviewed. Throughout the process we encountered, tough negotiations, poor communication from opposing counsel, uncomfortable questions and deal fatigue, Juliet was a step ahead through all these stepping stones of transaction. Ultimately, we ended up with the deal structure we had aimed for in the beginning, and I’m pleased to have worked with Juliet and I would recommend her to other business owners getting ready to take this step."Jamie R.
Former Business Owner



"Juliet was such an asset during the process of selling my 2 franchises. She helped me along the way and wrapped everything up in a timely manner. She was always available and even contacted the franchisor when they tried to strong arm me and resolved the situation. Highly recommend."Sandy F.
Seller of 2 Franchises



"Framework has been our outside counsel for our franchise businesses for 7 years. They’ve assisted us with a multitude of business issues both large and small, and are always quick to respond. If they don’t have the specialized expertise for the issue at hand, they have a network of attorneys they work with who do. Juliet takes the time to really listen and understand the matter before forming her recommendations. And when providing direction, it’s a conversation, weighing out pros and cons to consider, rather than a one-way directive. I have always felt like Juliet was part of our executive team and been extremely satisfied with the guidance she has provided over the years."Traci S.
Current Client