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At Framework Legal, we help franchisees and franchisors with business strategy and planning, regulatory compliance, franchise document review, and franchise related disputes. We want to help you succeed and make the best decisions possible for your growing business.

From start-up to exit, we have worked with franchisors and franchisees at every stage of the business life cycle post-formation, providing guidance and practical advice that they can rely on to scale their growing businesses.

Key Considerations

Whether you are a franchisor or franchisee, there are many legal factors to consider before entering into a franchise agreement.

What’s Involved?

What Issues Do Franchise Businesses Face?

Franchising involves two parties, known as the franchisor and the franchisee. If you’re interested in franchising your business, you’re a franchisor. The entrepreneurs interested in buying into a franchise are the franchisees.

In the franchise model, the franchisor allows a franchisee to open a business using their brand, products, and services. The franchisee builds, owns, and operates the business, but is allowed to use the logo, name, products, services, and other assets of the franchisor.

In exchange for the rights to use these assets, the franchisee must pay the franchisor a number of fees, which can include startup fees as well as royalties. These royalties are taken as a percentage of the franchisee’s overall revenue.

We have worked with clients buying into exciting new franchise opportunities, as well as exiting from bad franchising deals. If we have learned anything through this experience, it is how important the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is to every franchise deal. This is the document that franchises live and die by and your understanding of the document could be the difference between success and failure.

In the FDD, franchisees learn about the franchise’s financial health, how much an average franchisee makes, if the franchise is subject to litigation, how much it will cost to get their franchise up and running, and the franchisee turnover rate.

Before entering into a franchise agreement, we strongly recommend diving into the FDD and reviewing the terms of the agreement, building out a pro-forma to project possible revenues, asking the franchisor good questions, visiting other franchise locations, and consulting with an experienced attorney.

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At Framework Legal, we work with clients who are buying a franchise, selling a franchise, or facing difficult franchising issues. In addition, we provide contract drafting and review, alternative dispute resolution, and ongoing general counsel support.

We know that the challenges of running a franchise business are always shifting and that legal needs evolve over time. That is why we offer predictable pricing, responsive communication, and practical advice.

If you are searching for a law firm that can scale with your business, then we want to talk. Contact our office today.

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"I am the owner of a small business that operates in the Phoenix area. We ran into an issue with a bad player who was attempting to use their deep pockets to squeeze us in an unethical way. We did not have the money or the expertise to fight them in court. We hired Framework Legal to give us the assistance we needed. Juliet and her team did a masterful job of using their knowledge to protect our interests. I heartily recommend Framework Legal!"
Former Client



"Juliet was such an asset during the process of selling my two franchises. She helped me along the way and wrapped everything up in a timely manner. She was always available and even contacted the franchisor when they tried to strong arm me and resolved the situation. Highly recommend."Sandy
Former Client

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